Suspension of Mariner 2 Drilling

EcoWatch has provided a review of recent orders suspending some work on the Sunoco Logistics Mariner East 2 Pipeline.
Sunoco Ordered to Temporarily Suspend Drilling on Pipeline Project
The Pennsylvania’s Environmental Hearing Board ordered Sunoco Pipeline LP Tuesday to temporarily halt some types of work on a $2.5 billion pipeline project designed to carry 275,000 barrels a day of butane, propane and other liquid fossil fuels from Ohio and West Virginia, across Pennsylvania, to the Atlantic coast.

On July 19, three environmental groups presented Judge Bernard Labuskes, Jr. with documentation showing that the project had caused dozens of drilling fluid spills and other accidents between April and mid-June.

“Across the state, Sunoco has unleashed drilling fluid into exceptional value wetlands, high-quality trout streams, reservoirs, and groundwater endangering both drinking water supplies and our natural environment,” Clean Air Council said in a statement. The nonprofit, along with the Mountain Watershed Association, Inc. and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, submitted the evidence to the judge one week […]

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Pennsylvanians vs. FERC

A group of Pennsylvania residents have challenged the operations of the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC). The suit may push FERC to improved responsiveness to its obligation to regulate for safety. One correction of the following story is suggested. The article states that each time FERC approves a pipeline, the project is automatically granted eminent domain power. That is true for the natural gas pipelines per the Natural Gas Act. By contrast, FERC also approves hazardous liquids pipelines. These pipelines are not eligible for FERC eminent domain power, because that power is not contained in the controlling Interstate Commerce Act. The Sunoco Pipeline Mariner East 2 is one such hazardous liquids pipeline which was approved by FERC without eminent domain power.
Suit claims bias toward industry
A court filing contends a federal agency whose funding is based on the flow of gas is controlled by the companies it oversees.

104 pipelines have been approved across the U.S. in the last five years.

34 of those […]

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Faherty Law Firm Presents Evidence Against Sunoco Eminent Domain

Can Cumberland County farmland be taken for pipeline? Monday’s hearing to continue Feb. 29
It was difficult to tell who was getting more honks from passing cars – the handful of protesters or the man in a Statue of Liberty costume advertising a tax-preparation service.

But cars were honking, and what was clear from the signs the protesters carried was that they did not want Sunoco Pipeline’s proposed Mariner East II running through Cumberland County.

And while there were a few protesters outside of the Cumberland County Courthouse Monday morning, about 30 more people filled a courtroom, coming out in support of three Upper Frankford Township property owners who fear having a liquid natural gas pipeline running under their land.

It will devalue their properties, cutting them by about 40 percent, property owner Rolfe Blume said.
Property Owners Oppose Pipeline Upper Frankford Township resident Rolfe Blume addresses why he opposes Sunoco Pipeline’s plans to run a natural gas pipeline through his property.

And it could be […]

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Faherty Law Office Opens – Specializing in Eminent Domain for Pennsylvania Land Owners

On February 28, 2015 Mike Faherty relocated his eminent domain law practice from a Harrisburg law firm to Faherty Law Firm, 75 Cedar Avenue, Hershey PA 17033. Mike may be reached at or at (717) 256-3000. Mike will continue his protection of private property rights in Pennsylvania with his associate attorney Tara B. Horvath. Mike continues in his service as the Pennsylvania representative of the Owners Counsel of America.

Mike will also continue as author on his blog to keep property owners up-to-date with relevant issues concerning Eminent Domain in Pennsylvania. This blog may be found here on

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