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Faherty Law Firm is the largest and possibly the only Pennsylvania law firm that focuses solely on providing legal services to landowners threatened by eminent domain.

The Faherty Law Team has successfully represented over 1,000 Pennsylvania landowners.

Our attorneys use their aggressive, skilled eminent domain services to help property owners receive full just compensation. We have negotiated millions of dollars in increased just compensation to our clients and are best positioned to do the same for you!

Dont Let the Gov

Don't let the government take your property without giving you full just compensation!

Our experienced attorneys are ready to represent Pennsylvania landowners and are licensed in all trial and appeal levels in all County, State and Federal courts.


Why Faherty Law Firm

We take fighting for your property rights extremely seriously. We won’t settle for less than you deserve. The Faherty Law Firm team has the focused experience to compel favorable negotiations or obtain the success in litigation. The track record of Faherty Law Firm propels successful negotiations.

Our Top Priorities:

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Choose Experience and Success With the Faherty Law Firm

Over 45 years of combined experience in Eminent Domain and Condemnation.

Don’t take a low offer from PennDOT, turnpike, gas, pipeline, power companies or other government entities. Let Faherty Law fight for protection of your property rights to reach the highest settlement or trial outcome you deserve!

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You Don’t Pay Us Until We Settle Your Case!

Call Now 717-256-3000 to see how we can get your full just compensation!

Clients may be responsible for certain expenses not covered by the condemnor obligation of up to $4,000 for attorney, appraisal and/or engineering fees.

Some unusual cases such as cases challenging a condemnation may involve legal services with hourly charges.

Cases We’ve Won For Both Corporate and Individual Clients

PennDOT Settlement

PennDOT condemned land from a commercial property owned by a husband and wife. Simultaneously, PennDOT condemned land from a neighboring property owned by the wife and a son. PennDOT asserted the two properties were in unified ownership and offered $14,800. PennDOT thus attempted to avoid the payment of damages flowing from altered access to the second property. Faherty Law Firm obtained an Order determining that the properties needed to be valued separately. The cases then settled with payment of $28,753 for the first property and $27,038 for the second property.

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Turnpike Taking

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission condemned over 60 acres through the McDonald Sportsmen’s Association property, West of Pittsburgh. The Turnpike offered $1,750,000 in property damages and no relocation benefits. The case settled at $6,750,000.

Pipeline Case Settlement

A pipeline company offered $19,000. The matter settled for $1,577,400. Settlement included language in the easement agreement which restricted the Company to a single pipeline; restricted access; restricted above ground items; included fencing to protect livestock; included right to construct access roads across the easement; and required timber placement nearby for owners use.

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U.S Supreme Court Reviews Property Rights Re The PennEast Pipeline

On February 3, 2021, the Supreme Court of the United States granted review of the September 10, 2019 Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision which held that New Jersey is entitled to immunity from condemnation suits initiated by PennEast Pipeline Company for the purpose of building a 120-mile pipeline from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to Mercer County, New Jersey.