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Eminent domain is a narrow segment of real estate law. The Pennsylvania initial trial level for eminent domain is a unique trial court called a Board of View. Our eminent domain law is controlled by rules for this field of law and not by the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure. Few Pennsylvania attorneys have significant experience in representing property owners facing eminent domain.

Attorneys learning of substantial eminent domain cases may best serve clients by referral of the case to Faherty Law Firm. Faherty Law Firm is the largest Pennsylvania law firm devoted to representing landowners threatened by eminent domain. Mike Faherty has been honored to be the only Pennsylvania Representative to the Owners’ Counsel of America since 2009.

Because the Faherty Law Firm only represents property owners in eminent domain, referring attorneys can be confident that referred clients will be served by knowledgeable, experienced attorneys.

Faherty Law Firm has a history of very significant wins. Many of our cases began as lawyer referrals resulting in extensive payment of referral fees. The law firm is centrally located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and provides representation across all 67 countries. Representation in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is common.

Faherty Fights For Landowners

Faherty Fights For Landowners

We are fully committed to working passionately for your clients and we appreciate all referrals entrusted to Faherty Law Firm. If your clients face the severe threat of eminent domain, please consider a referral to the expertise of Faherty Law Firm.

We will use our experience to aggressively strategize and advocate for your client. We want to share our victories and fees with you. If you have a substantial eminent domain matter, please call 717-256-3000 to speak with one of our attorneys about referring a client.

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